« The skies were filled with heavy, rumbling clouds. An endless darkness had took over the world, only shattered by fugitive flashes of lightning. The scattered villages had stopped living by the rythm of the sun, and each one of them was reached by an odd feeling of moroseness and apprehension. Rain had fallen without any interruption for days on the ancestral lands while lightning hammered the ground with its inexplicable anger. Rivers and streams poured their tempestuous waters on the plains, now muddy swamps, and a growing cold was already crawling from the North, gradually announcing a winter reign of ice.

However, the sky had granted a brief lull for a few hours. A thick coat of mist covered up the hills, like a spectral and disturbing snake, hiding some mysterious threats and dark omens…

The world was silence. In the houses and castles of the queens and kings, thoughts were obscurely moving, attentive or lost in the unfathomable paths of dreams. An unpleasant aura was gliding over them, and the servants didn’t spend any time lingering around their lords, scared that they were by those so uncommon states. A shadow was here, deeper than the night. The touch of an unclear menace, an intense and indefinalbe intuition.

A storm was coming. Much worse than any other before… »