Driim takes you to the heart of the mysterious world of Hypnos.
As the Wanderer, you’ll have to climb up the legendary Hierakon Tower,
the one that has no end but contains a whole lot of deadly traps…

Prove your value, win over the speed before you get crushed by the height!

How high can you go before you wake up

Jump / Attack / Bonus & Malus

Focus on timing to leap at the fatal moment, crush your ennemies without getting slowed down and grab the items scattered across your way.

Be careful though, try not to pick them randomly…

Menu / Unlocking Skills / Dash

Use your vertiginous achievements to unlock new powers.

Active or passive, organise your skills according to your own strategy and go back to your conquest of the height.


“I remember. This is the path I took last time. And probably the previous time as well…”

Valiant and silent hero.

Limbo Essence

“Some life fragments without any keeper…”

Unlock new powers, can be trade for items


“Strange energies run in the whole Tower, guided by the hand of a mighty Demiurge…”

Increase power

Dark Ether

“A part of the atmosphere itself is corrupted. Breathing it drains our strenght and threaten to throw us in the void…”

Decrease power

Shattered Mask

“Other Wanderers tried the ascent before you came. More will come after your fall.”

Bring back to life

Apostate Mask

“Something roams between those floors, carrying treasures from another age.”

Random chest, contains a thousand wonders

Game powered by Unreal Engine