IGN Live @ E3 2016“It’s got a very cool concept!”

PCGamesN “Shattered – Tale of The Forgotten King looks like Dark Souls, but with good platforming”

Gameranx“Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King Paints a Portrait of Macabre Beauty”

Jeuxvideo.com“A mi-chemin entre un Dark Souls et un Trine, Shattered : Tale of the Forgotten King intrigue également par son ton adulte et sa direction artistique sombre et plutôt inspirée, il faut le reconnaître.”

Unreal Engine“Sometimes designers try to think outside the box to empower their audience with all-new ways of advancing the experience. That appears to be the case with Lyon-based Redlock Studio, an innovative indie team…”







The Origin

“In the beginning there was the King.
Maybe he dreamt himself up, birthed from the first spark, within his own creative consciousness. Maybe something greater breathed life into him. The truth lies without a doubt beyond our humble reach and stretches past all philosophical considerations. And it might be better this way.
From a thought he conjured up the Void. From a glance, he made the world. And from a whisper, he created us.
The King long travelled this new world and saw his children, afraid, in the darkness of the first days. He ripped out his eyes and threw them into the Void, beyond the circle of the world, so that they could illuminate our lives. From a simple gesture, he started the slow rotation of the stars, and could then focus on other tasks. We followed his path, always learning, and granting life to our naïve dreams. Some became important lords, incredible warriors, or builders. Others learned to serve, or simply to live.
For his kingdom, the first word was spoken in a whisper. Before we even knew what the sky, a mountain or a river was, this word already echoed within our souls. From our birth to our last breath, we would serve and protect Hypnos.
There was Narayâna, the thousand-door palace where his throne stands, the keys of which are forever kept by Choron. There were Durga, Narueh, Sîtra and Radamanthe, the four Cardinal Lords who hold the foundations of the world. The Whisperers, Hypnos’ royal guard, of which Yantra is the master. Yem, Rig and Nagä, the guardian rings who meander at the edges of the world. The peaks of Edelweïss, the great forest of Imbolt… The towers of Cordierite and the secrets of Sarkante… Seas, rivers and continents. There were the Three Oracles, who know everything that was, is, and will be. Surrounded by the countless wonders of his creation, we thought we would live and dream forever.
And then came the Twilight.
The stars were obscured. The kingdom was gradually buried in darkness, while a grey and melancholic atmosphere was taking hold of it. Maybe we did not see it coming. Maybe we were blind spectators, oblivious to the end of an era – for days, months or years. Or maybe it only lasted for an instant.
The Whisperers’ continuous murmurs died down, and thereby threw Narayâna, the thousand-door palace, into a state of deep silence. The wind stopped and the tides retreated, while a gnawing anxiety started spreading and eventually seeped into hypnosean minds, and every corner of the world. Our souls trembled behind our masks as the whole universe seemed to be holding its breath.
And then the calm came back. The elements were at peace once again, and the circles of Hypnos resumed their rotation, as if nothing had happened.
But the King was no more…”